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About Us

Meaglow was founded in 2009, and has worked to develop new methodologies and equipment for semiconductor deposition. In 2012, Meaglow launched the first of its hollow cathode plasma sources, which have been instrumental in reducing oxygen contamination in nitride films for the ALD community resulting in some of the best layers grown to date. Interest in the plasma source has now grown to the point where Meaglow has been asked to supply whole ALD/ALE systems with its newest plasma source designs. The first such system has already been delivered.

Meaglow was founded by Dr Scott Butcher, with over 20 years of nitride semiconductor, plasma and deposition equipment experience; more than 100 referred journal and conference papers published, Dr. Butcher is an expert and pioneer in the industry. Holding eight patent families globally and being involved in three prior start up companies in addition to Meaglow, Scott’s prior and present technology developments continue to lead the way toward the next generation of deposition equipment.

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