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Meaglow Helps Local Homeless with CleanWynd Units

The Thunder Bay District Health Unit has declared an outbreak of Covid-19 among the homeless population of Thunder Bay. Meaglow Ltd has stepped up to help protect the homeless by lending two CleanWynd CW-100 UV-C air sterilization units to Shelter House for three months during the cold weather. Meaglow is the local agent for the CleanWynd range in Canada. The two units will help suppress the virus in a large community area at Shelter House during this emergency. This will help protect both the homeless and all of Thunder Bay from the virus.


CleanWynd Air Sterilizers go to Thunder Bay International Airport Authority

Several Cleanwynd Air Sterilizers have recently been sold to the Thunder Bay International Airport Authority to help protect their essential service personnel. Meaglow is pleased to be able to service the Thunder Bay region with the supply of these units, which are better than 99.9% effective in inactivating the Covid-19 virus. The units use ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light to kill the virus, a recent study from the University of Boston shows that UV-C works well in this respect.

The Cleanwynd units are some of the best designed, most effective units on the market. Check them out on our product page, or call us on +1 807 252 4391.



UT Dallas report more high-quality Silicon Nitride grown with one of their hollow cathode plasma source

Professor Jiyoung Kim’s group at the University of Texas, Dallas, have recently published (see this link) some interesting work using tris(disilanyl)amine as a precursor and one of our UHV series hollow cathode plasma sources (pictured left) for the ALD growth of silicon nitride. They were able to get wet etch rates for 1:100 dilute HF of as low as 0.47 nm/min which they attributed to the material being slightly silicon rich. The growth per cycle was also quite high.

Professor Kim’s group actually have two hollow cathode sources. I wonder what they use the other one for? I must ask them him day, though it might be an industry related secret.


CleanWynd UV-C Air Sterilizers to Battle Covid in Northwestern Ontario

Meaglow has become a local Canadian agent for the Cleanwynd line of ultraviolet-C (UV-C) air sterilizers. We have imported an initial shipment, had the electricals field certified to North American standards and have begun sale of the units in the Northwestern Ontario region.

The first units have already begun to sell. The idea with this technology is to remove Covid-19 from the air and kill the virus with ultraviolet light. Fans draw the air into the unit where the UV lamp is, there are also special virus killing layers of titanium oxide and silver in the units.

These aren’t cheaply made plastic units, but robust metal air sterilizers that can stand up to the rigours of a medical waiting room. Pictured to right is one of the smaller CW-10 units (sold to the Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre) but the bigger CW-100 and CW-200 units respectively have 36 and 72 watts of UV lamp power and are able to cover quite large areas.

Our thanks to Northern Computers and Communications who have helped upgrade the units for electrical certification.

If interested in these units, phone or text Scott on +1 807 252 4391, or email


Large Area Hollow Cathode Plasma Design Goes Down to 5 mTorr

Meaglow large area plasma sourceWith Covid-19 Meaglow has enhanced it’s in-house testing equipment, allowing us to now test our plasma sources to lower pressures than we were previously able to do. Our large area sources had been tested down to about 50 mTorr prior to this, but before our fifth large area hollow cathode source of the year went out to the customer, we were able to do some more testing. After the cathode was conditioned by running a nitrogen plasma at about a 1 Torr for an hour, we checked to see how low we could go and still strike a plasma. With the new setup, we were able to strike a nitrogen plasma at 5 mTorr with only 10 watts of RF power.

We now need more equipment to test even lower but for now the range of this 4″ diameter source is from 5 mTorr to 5 Torr. The 10 watt, 5 mTorr plasma is shown in the image on the right.


Louisiana State University Progress Their New ALD System

Despite hurricanes and Covid-19, Assistant Professor Kevin McPeak (pictured left) and Research Specialist Nick Lombardo, both of the LSU Department of Chemical Engineering, have managed to progress the build of a purpose made atomic layer deposition system.  The system will eventually go into the LSU Nanofabrication Facility,

At the crown of the machine is a Meaglow UHV series plasma source, so we expect good things in the future.



New Hollow Cathode Plasma Sources Installed at Hanyang University, South Korea

Two Meaglow series 50 hollow cathode plasma sources have now been installed at Hanyang University, South Korea,  in the Nano-Device Engineering Laboratory. Apparently the first performed so well, they needed another. The picture to left shows the second source in operation at the university. A third plasma source has also now been supplied to a second group at Hanyang, as shown in the image below. To date six sources have been supplied throughout South Korea, and all the sources have been installed on locally built ALD systems with the cooperation of local vendors. Our local agent Paultec Company Ltd. can be contacted at


Hollow Cathode Plasma Sources Talk for Virtual ALD/ALE-2020

Meaglow’s Chief Scientist, Dr. K. Scott Butcher has provided an on-demand talk for this year’s virtual #ALDALE2020 event available on-line from the 29th of June 2020. The talk is entitled “Recent Advances in Hollow Cathode Technology for Plasma Assisted ALD” and will be talk AF2-MoA4 in the ALD Fundamentals section. The talk will provide basic information about hollow cathode plasma sources, for which there has been significant uptake in the ALD community. It will also talk about some new work with large area aluminum hollow cathode sources.

More information available at



Three Large Area Meaglow Plasma Sources On Their Way To Okyay Tech

Meaglow has sent 3 of its 4″ diameter large area hollow cathode sources to the equipment manufacturer Okyay Tech, This Meaglow design represents a change in the plasma source paradigm of using small area high intensity plasma sources and then diluting the active species over a large area. Instead, these hollow cathode sources have about the same diameter as the substrate, and a very high plasma density over that whole area.

Meaglow has also produced 8″ and 12″ diameter versions of this large area design. Check out the Meaglow website for our other hollow cathode plasma products,


TBT News visiting the lab today.

The local TBT News camIMG_3466e in to check out our plasma system today. We’re working on tests to see if we can use our plasma sources for re-sterilization of masks. We made the newsmen glove up when they came in. Lots of social distancing too.

Before hand everything had to be cleaned up (of course).



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