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Meaglow Profiled in Frost & Sullivan Research Firm’s Technical Insights


Meaglow’s Migration Enhanced Afterglow technique was compared to  Molecular Beam  Epitaxy (MBE) and Metalorganic Chemical Vapour Deposition (MOCVD)  processes. The F&S report summarizes that Meaglow is a new  disruptive thin film growth technique that overcomes these other  processes limitations with a bright future in Field Effect Transistors  (FET), LEDs, and Photovoltaics/Solar Cells. For the full technical  insights report, click here.


Meaglow Aims to Cut Solar Production Costs by 85%

PV_InsiderMeaglow featured in PV Insider Concentrated Photovoltaic Brief  identifying the need for new materials and processes to cut solar production costs, in some cases by as much as 85%. The article provides direct application  of new industry material Indium Nitride to the photo-voltaic industry  and gives a glimpse of Meaglow’s bright future  going forward. Read the full article from PV Insider.



Meaglow Front Cover Feature of Compound Semiconductor Magazine

Today Meaglow was the feature story in or Magazine in an  article entitled Slashing Temperatures for Nitride Growth. The article discusses Meaglow Ltd. technology in comparison to MOCVD, the Meaglow  growth technique and applications to industry as well as a background on one of the founder, Dr. Scott Butcher.
Atomic Force Microscopy
left: Migration enhanced overflow can form Ga-face GaN films with a thickness of 200 nm at 630 ºC. Atomic force microscopy reveal that the root-mean-square surface roughness of this film is 0.23 nm. Molecular terraces can be distinguished in the image. Above right: Atomic force microscopy reveals that the InN surface has a root-mean-square roughness of 0.1 nm and features molecular terraces.
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