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CleanWynd UV-C Air Sterilization Units

To help with the battle against the Covid-19 virus, Meaglow has imported some of the CleanWynd range of UV-C Air Sterilization Units and is offering these for sale as a local Canadian agent. These units use ultraviolet-C light to destroy viruses and other air borne pathogens, such as Covid-19. There is also titanium oxide and silver layers in the units that assist with the destruction of these species. The units have been imported from Europe and the electricals have been converted to Canadian Standards by Meaglow Ltd.

The Covid-19 virus is known to be an airborne virus, fine droplets of breath from an infected person can hang in the air for considerable periods potentially spreading the disease to other people. The CleanWynd units can clean the air of these contaminants lowering the likelihood of spread. More information can be found on the CleanWynd website.

The first unit sold in Canada, a CW-10 unit, is shown to left, it is one of the quietest and most effective units available for this application. It is operating at the Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre, other units have been sold to the Thunder Bay International Airport Authority.

Be wary, not all the UV-C air sterilization units on the market are effective against Covid-19, many cheap units have been improperly designed, they have too high an air flow, and too small a UV lamp. A CleanWynd White paper shows how effective the CleanWynd units are, they can inactivate better than 99.9% of the Covid-19 virus. The units are also effective against other pathogens. The figure below shows graphically the CW-200 unit’s effectiveness against Cvoid-19, the right image is more relevant, though that unit has actually been upgraded from 30 watts of UV-C lamp to 72 watts since this study was performed.

Three different units are available from Meaglow, all robust steel units:


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