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CleanWynd UV-C Air Sterilizers to Battle Covid in Northwestern Ontario

Meaglow has become a local Canadian agent for the Cleanwynd line of ultraviolet-C (UV-C) air sterilizers. We have imported an initial shipment, had the electricals field certified to North American standards and have begun sale of the units in the Northwestern Ontario region.

The first units have already begun to sell. The idea with this technology is to remove Covid-19 from the air and kill the virus with ultraviolet light. Fans draw the air into the unit where the UV lamp is, there are also special virus killing layers of titanium oxide and silver in the units.

These aren’t cheaply made plastic units, but robust metal air sterilizers that can stand up to the rigours of a medical waiting room. Pictured to right is one of the smaller CW-10 units (sold to the Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre) but the bigger CW-100 and CW-200 units respectively have 36 and 72 watts of UV lamp power and are able to cover quite large areas.

Our thanks to Northern Computers and Communications who have helped upgrade the units for electrical certification.

If interested in these units, phone or text Scott on +1 807 252 4391, or email

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