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Meaglow has successfully developed and implemented designs for larger area hollow cathodes

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Like all Meaglow’s hollow cathode designs, you can expect reduced oxygen contamination for nitride films with the large are plasma sources (see our company white paper). But also these other features:

Meaglow has built a number of 4-12″ diametre plasma sources for ALD and PECVD applications. These sources have been used to replace existing plasma sources, but also for new systems, including Meaglow’s own 8″ ALD/ALE system design. See a company brochure on the large area sources, here.

They feature:

  • 300 to 3000 Watt RF or DC operation.
  • 316 Stainless steel cathode construction (titanium and inconel have also been used, other materials on request).
  • Wide range of gas usage.
  • Low oxygen contamination (no dielectric windows).
  • Low cost.
  • High electron density – one of our 4″ systems had a vale of >10^13 cm^-3 for nitrogen at 300 watts.
  • Wide range of operating pressures (eg. from <50 mTorr to >5 Torr). However, the pressure can be engineered outside of this range for specific applications.
  • Low plasma damage.

Customised solutions available.

Contact us at to inquire about pricing and to address your individual requirements.

Conversions of existing systems is also possible, and we provide some white papers for the more common conversions that we have performed. See the link here.

Meaglow large area hollow cathode turning on and off

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