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Second Meaglow Plasma Source Sale to South Korea

Second Korean order 1Meaglow Ltd has sent it’s second Series 50 hollow cathode plasma source to South Korea. A big thanks to our local agents Paultec Co. Ltd. for penetrating into this market, we couldn’t have done it without them. The Series 50 is our most popular source, so it’s been good to see it’s sales into Asia. Most of our plasma sources have gone to the US, but Asia is our second biggest market with multiple sales to Taiwan, Turkey, India, and now, South Korea. There has also been a single sale to Israel.

Says company President, Scott Butcher: “Our biggest customer to date is actually the National Taiwan University, who have five of our plasma sources on site for various ALD systems, though sales to South Korea seem to be picking up. Results for the first plasma source over there have been very good and word is getting around. We hope to see a third sale later in the year“.

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