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The Series 50 is one of our most popular hollow cathode plasma sources. It is commonly used for ALD, but also for oxidation and PECVD applications.

(Go to here for plasma source brochures, a brochure for series 50 plasma sources can be found here)

Like all Meaglow’s hollow cathode designs, you can expect reduced oxygen contamination for nitride films with the Series 50 (see our company white paper). But also these other features:

Mounted on an NW50 (KF50) vacuum flange, the 50 series Hollow Cathode source is capable of being housed in an NW50 nipple. Widely used for ALD, it features:

  • 300 or 600 Watt RF or DC operation.
  • 316 Stainless steel cathode construction (other materials on demand) water cooled.
  • Replaceable cathode.
  • Wide range of gas usage.
  • Low oxygen contamination (no dielectric windows).
  • Low cost.
  • High electron density – similar to or higher than inductively coupled and microwave plasma sources.
  • Wide range of operating pressures (eg. from 100 mTorr to >10 Torr).
  • Low plasma damage.

See the downloadable equipment brochure here for more detail.

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Conversions of existing systems is also possible, and we provide some white papers for the more common conversions that we have performed. See the link here.

Series 50 in operation

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