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UT Dallas Lower Silicon Nitride Leakage Currents with Meaglow Hollow Cathode Plasma Source

In a recent IEEE advance publication, staff at UT Dallas have achieved high density (2.9 g/cubic cm) crystalline silicon nitride for SiN/GaNĀ  devices using hollow cathode plasma enhanced ALD. These films were deposited at 300 degrees C, but have other features akin to silicon nitride grown at much higher temperatures using LPCVD, including a low etch rate in 100:1 HF solution of 0.8 nm/min and excellent electrical device properties.

In a related paper the same UT Dallas group were able to measure low oxygen content for their silicon nitride grown with a Meaglow hollow cathode plasma source, and exceptionally low leakage currents of 1-2 nA/cm square, at 2 MV/cm with a breakdown field of about 12 MV/cm.

Says Dr. Antonio Lucero of UT Dallas, “The Meaglow hollow cathode plasma system has allowed our group to deposit SiN films using a variety of precursors. We consistently obtain excellent film properties and have observed a number of unique characteristics due to the hollow cathode plasma source.

Meaglow’s hollow cathode plasma sources are well known for reducing the oxygen contamination known to occur with other plasma sources (see company white paper). Contact us at to talk about upgrading your plasma source to a hollow cathode.


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